Our Philosophy

BBFY_079Our philosophy at Blue Banana is to provide a self-serve experience of our delicious, nutritious frozen yogurt (YoCream) our 40 plus seasonal toppings that include fresh fruit, chocolates, candies, granolas and nuts. We believe that it is fun to create, eat and enjoy! Our gelato is made from the finest ingredients using an Italian base with added specialty ingredients. We established Blue Banana Frozen Yogurt in January of 2011 and have not looked back. Our dedication to creating a fun family environment makes us different from all the rest. Please come see us soon.

-Rick and Linda Brady





What’s in the Name?

There are actually two backstories to the name Blue Banana. The first is the corridor of urbanization in Europe known as the Blue Banana District. There is a curved corridor that starts in southern England and extends to northern France, then east into Germany and finally south to Italy; this is where Europe’s largest cities exist and subsequently, a large portion of Europe’s population, money and industry is concentrated here. Because of the curved shape of this region it acquired the name of “Blue Banana District.” Why Blue? This region represents the economic and social backbone of Europe. Since we sell Gelato, and it being a creation from Italy, we decided it was an important feature to our name, Blue Banana. To learn more about the Gelato we sell, visit our Gelato page.

The second, and more relevant, reason for the name Blue Banana is the Blue Java banana found in the tropical regions of the world. Also known as the Ice Cream banana for its vanilla taste, the Blue Java banana has a large tolerance for cold and is blue when not yet ripe. Blue Banana Frozen Yogurt and the Blue Java banana both have a savory and sweet taste that will leave your inner monkey wanting more.


Blue Banana industrialized corridor

Blue Java banana