Frequently Asked Questions


Are there sugar free options at Blue Banana?

Yes! There is always at least one yogurt available that is sweetened with Splenda (sucralose). Sucralose is approximately 600 times sweeter than regular sugar (sucrose) and functions as a low-calorie alternative as well. When in the store, ask an attendant which yogurts are sugar free as they are subject to change.

Does Blue Banana do fundraisers?

Blue Banana does indeed do fundraising for any one from sports teams to church groups. Click here to be redirected to a page where you can contact us with other fundraising questions.

Where does Blue Banana get its yogurt from?

Our yogurt comes from YoCream®, an afiliate of Dannon® foodservice. Our  yogurt has live and active cultures and is Kosher certified.

What is Live and Active Culture?

Blue Banana yogurt has Live and Active Cultures. According to the National Yogurt Association this means the yogurt is treated with beneficial living organisms that convert milk into the tasty yogurt you enjoy.

Do you have frozen yogurt for pets?

We do, in fact, sell plain vanilla frozen yogurt for your pets to consume. However, if you bring your pet to the store we ask that you and your companion please enjoy your yogurt outside on the porch.

What about gluten free yogurt?

All Blue Banana yogurts are gluten free with the exception of our cookie or cake based yogurts.

What are the nutrition facts for gelato?

Gelato, due to the process by which it is made, tends to have about three to four times the sugar and calories of regular frozen yougurt. However, it often contains less butter fat than regular ice cream.

Where does your gelato come from?

Our base for Gelato is manufactured in Italy by PreGel.